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Premiere: 01.11.18 - TanZzeit LOT-Theater, Braunschweig
27.03.19 - Kreuzberg Theater, Berlin
16.05.19 - Gallus Theater, Frankfurt
14., 15.09.19 - Ekstase / 5 Years Gala - Staatstheater Braunschweig
05.10.19 - Kulturzentrum neun, Ingolstadt


Choreography: Tiago Manquinho in collaboration with Cecilia Castellari
Performer: Cecilia Castellari
Music Editing: Tiago Manquinho
Music: Orchester Circus Roncalli, Ben Frost, Mac Quayle, Aurora


The clown is an archetypal figure who has always existed: he makes people laugh because of his accidents and failures. The clown reminds people in a humorous way of imperfection and disorder, chaos and fall and finally death. It is someone who takes upon himself the limits, the tragedies, the contradictions, the conflicts, the stupidity, the innocence, the vulnerability, the pain and the wounds. And consciously plays with them.
But what happens to the person behind the mask, who experiences the same tragic fates as all people? He, too, cannot escape being aware of his own transience. How does the artist manage to entertain the crowd night after night?

The clown's wisdom lies in falling and getting up again. It is a profound answer to the main problem of death in all its forms.

The clown manifests the beauty of humanity in the present moment. Faith and devotion and faith and devotion and failure and falling and letting go, with joy ... and that brings more confidence ... and devotion ... over and over again.

"Pagliacci" is a small tribute to all artists who fall and rise again and again.


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Fotos: Rolf K. Wegst 


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