act:on | Tiago Manquinho
Dance project with young male* dancers

Cooperation between Staatsballett Karlsruhe & Volksstheater Karlsruhe

Premiere: 26.2.2022 | Kleines Haus | Staatstheater Karlsruhe

With: Aiman Abdi, Mehdi Attar, Roman Badior, Florian Köchy, Zacharias Phoenix Noack, Janik Moses Pinter, Kai Schmalkoke, Peer Schmidt, Finwick Schupp

Choreography: Tiago Manquinho
Director: Stefanie Heiner
Set design: Petra Linsel
Music: Matthias Pick
Dramaturgy: Lena Mallmann
Project coordination: Tonia Tilch
Theater pedagogy: Anna Müller
Assistant director: Mareike Urban

Alles Tanzt! halbstark questions images of masculinity and roll clichés. With the help of a new form of expression, male youths tell us about how their generation is shaped by the pressure of perfection and performance and create an image of themselves that follows their own goals and desires. Men always have to be strong, and boys should never cry - this attitude was yesterday because not only discipline and strength count in dance but also a sense of the right timing and emotion!


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Fotos: Matthias Pick

Trailer: Matthias Pick

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