act:on | Tiago Manquinho

tanz Jung! Staatstheater Braunschweig


Choreography: Tiago Manquinho in collaboration with the dancers
Stage and costumes: Julia Burkhardt
Music & digital development: Patrick Schimanski
Dramaturgy: Sara Dirks
Mediation: Brigitte Uray
With: Johannes Lind, María Gabriela Luque, Nao Tokuhashi


Inseparably interwoven with our lives, virtual spaces offer endless opportunities to connect with others, to experiment, and to experience the self. Every day we experience streams of images and impressions that create countless access points to other, new worlds. We slip into roles that may sometimes remain hidden from us in the physical world. At the same time, the boundless possibilities of virtual space confront us with attack surfaces through which we must navigate. How do we act when we are exposed to situations there in which we may be vulnerable?

The choreography "Trojan Rooms" takes up the complexity and ambiguity of virtual events and asks how communication takes place there. What scope do we have and how does our existence in virtual space harmonize with our life in physical space?


...Fotos werden geladen


Fotos: Bettina Stöß 

Trailer: Dirk Auth

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