act:on | Tiago Manquinho

Premiere: 13.05.16 - TanzArt ostwest Festival Gießen


Choreography: Tiago Manquinho in collaboration with the dancers
Lighting concept: Tiago Manquinho, Joshua Haines
Dance: Alice Baccile, Alice Gaspari

Who's Alice? Different aspects and facets of a woman become visible in many short impressions. But what is past, what is present, what is the future? What is the reality, what is a memory and what is a dream? Who is this woman with many dazzling faces? Is she looking for her own identity? Does she shape her life herself or is she driven by others and thus only becomes an observer of her own self?
Tiago Manquinho bases his choreography on a quote from Alice Walker: "The more I wonder the more I love." 

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